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At first there was a delight. Marek became enchanted in the German habitat and wanted me to fall in love with this ruin in the miraculous circumstances of nature. At first I was skeptical. The work was on two of our lives! But Mark had big dreams and plans. For apartments in pigs, on a glass veranda. He imagined a orchard full of fruit and a veggie with his own crops. This enthusiasm finally and i have given itself, and so for 15 years we have been in love every day in the morning fog, silence and charms of the village. We also brought Mark's parents, who live in Mikolajki, to the area.





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In the Wilderness Settlement, the Wild Duck is not ruled by a man. We are guests of masurian land and do not enter into a parade of storks who live on our roof and butterflies, sipping nectar from the surrounding flowers. We try to live as little as possible. In exchange for respect, we get otherworldly views, cool water of Lake Deep, ponds full of fish and the native yields of this land.






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Everything we offer to our guests is based on our own, on-site organic products – cheeses (including goats), baked and smoked meats, vegetables, fruits, preserves, fish, baked breads and cakes. We like the recipes of regional cuisine – Masurian fish prepared in various ways, venison, goat (goat in rosemary is our specialty!), dumplings, soups with homemade noodles and fresh herbs… The restaurant was the heroine of culinary TV shows m.in. in "Recipe for Success" by Catherine Meller. The current menu can be found here.







All year round you can live with us in 2-3 bed rooms with bathrooms or in 2-4 bed apartments.  You can see the rooms and book here.






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Wild Duck is located 50 m from the forest and 500 m from The Deep Lake with a 1st class of cleanliness enveloped by a zone of silence, with a beautiful beach with a large comfortable pier only for our guests. In summer, a boat can be rented. There are also plenty of scenic cycling routes around, and bicycles can be rented on site. From the "heart of Mazury", that is, picturesque Mikolajek we are separated 6 km away, and to Mrągowo we have only 18 km. In winter, we organize bonfires and sleigh rides, and winter sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the 700 m ski slope with ski lifts in Mikolajki. The full list of attractions can be found here.