Leisure activities



We have our own pier and beach on Lake Deep. The lake is closed to motorboat traffic, so there is peace and quiet. Water has a first purity class, sometimes it happens to find on the shore some cancer. One of our nice guests counted that there are 800 walking steps by the lake.





20 hektarów


Our settlement up to more than 20 hectares, in the cover of The Park Natura 2000. Walking meadows towards the lake or into the forest, you are unlikely to meet anyone along the way. Unless you moose. Or a mud turtle (yes, there are three ponds on our territory, which is its natural habitat).






od serca

There is an on-site restaurant where dishes from local crops and farms are served. We make sure that the menu in the slowfood climate, paying great attention to the quality of the ingredients. Not bragging (to the facts :)) the restaurant has great reviews and was the heroine of the culinary program that m.in. In Catherine Meller's "Recipe Success", the current menu can be found here.







Throughout the year we conduct on-site yoga classes conducted using the B.K.S. Iyengara method and regenerative yoga. The level of classes is matched to the participants. We cordially invite people of all ages. Our room for more than 100 meters of heated wooden flooring and relaxing eyes view of the Masurian meadows. The room is fully equipped with assistance. Beautiful circumstances to start the adventure with yoga, which relaxes the body and mind. In high season, we often do yoga in nature, for example. on the lake on the platform.






w wodzie

There is a rowing boat for romantic meetings, two pedalboats and an SUP where you can practice your balance and quietly suing the lake across and along.





Jazda konna

w lesie

In the neighbor (you can get by bike), in the Piska Forest, there is a friendly horse stud, where you can arrange a ride in the forest, a lesson in a lonza or racing Arabia, here are trained for competitions. The route through the forest is 160 km in total!






kajakowe Krutynią

The krutynia flows through the lush Piska Forest, part of it and belongs to the Masurian Landscape Park. The river and several masurialakes form a canoe ing route together, considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque in Poland.






do zwiedzania

For active people there are many places worth visiting: Marian Sanctuary in St. July, Folwark and Galina Palace Complex, Reszlu Castle, Wild Animal Park in Frankish, Frontier Ranch, Promenade in Mikolajki, picturesque wacika enumerates Wojnowo, where to find many souvenirs after the former inhabitants of these lands: wooden cottages, Orthodox Orthodox Church with onion domes, monastery complex of old drills with tiny mole.







Beauty demands exploration. We are surrounded by forests and lakes and Piska Forest up to 160km of cycling trails in the forest. Bicycles can be rented from a local operator after booking booking sits and picks up bikes from a fixed location.






pieczenia chleba

At the request of the guests, he organizes workshops for baking rye bread on sourdough, that is, it has been history of 20 years and is passed down from generation to generation. There is some magic in bread, what happens in the oven.







A cooler evening for the perfect time to taste our tinctures. Usually we have ginger bread, quince, black currant, cherry and lemon, served with buttery cardamom cookies for real care.







Mikolajki, from us about 7 kilometers have a professional rope park. Everyone will find something for themselves. The easy route is designed for children from 4 years. In addition, there are three other, very interesting about changes in the difficulty.







The ski slope in Mikolajki is not for mountain sports enthusiasts. You can go skiing, snowboards, professional toboggans and pontoons. The piste stretches at 700 m. Ski and snowboard rental equipment is available at the ski complex. The complex is still artificially snowed.  Snow ing takes place at the beginning of the season and with a low level level from squeaks on the route. The condition is always a negative temperature.




And here's a description of what one of the guests found with us:

"I spent a few days recently in the Masurian Wild Duck Settlement. It was my second time there, off-weekend and off-season and the second time I was the only guy. What's on things? – I asked. Apparently, guests call and ask about "attractions" that they do not find and therefore do not. At the beginning in Kaczka it is not entirely known what attractions customers are about, but in the end it was explained that "about others", that is, what they force to do something specific.

To recreate the reflection that there are more of us for sure, that we will find ourselves after nodding with understanding and muttering, and that it is worth us all about The Ducks to know – to a place for us.

And in g. 10 attractions to do in Kaczka… for practitioners of radical stoic hedonism and 4 additional ones.

1. Delight – a multitude of objects of delight opportunities for moving attention to contemporary text, so I'll just write that there are many of them – from details of interior design, to views of the lake, hills, meadows or forest to dishes and smells … but to the great generalization, because you delight, you can do what to do every time per hour and only mention the delights expressed aloud (with no limit, so as not to alienate other speech abuse).

2. Welding with beauty – to a category similar to delighting, but more detailed, because it is mainly pouring through the eyes and nose and you do not need to talk about it aloud, only in the part of the interior.

3. Staring carefully – to do while doing other things (that is, here we have multiatration), eg: wadding (spoiler) or tasting (again), delighting or even welding – lies in the fact that the fragment … e.g.: on the section of nature view, coffee foam, crumble on the dough… or even a drop of jam that slightly flows out of the crumble and captures the beauty of these details.

Hi, when someone recognizes himself in these attractions let him not hesitate to pack books, notebook, pencil and calorias and go to the Wild Duck Settlement in Faszczy, right next to the known Mikolajek to enjoy as and me was Dane.






4. Walking – to the attraction quite intense and multi-wacky – you can stroll along the road, forest path, meadow, bridge by the lake, yard, room, nearest town (Mikolajki), stroll in order or him, under the sun or upwind, alone or in company; o.o.

5. Squatting – just like a pass requires additional decisions, because this attraction can be done in many ways and requires some craftsmanship and additional accessories to make yourself a peak to. You can sit in the Wild Duck Settlement in the off-season in a room on the chair, on the bed, by the fireplace or by the window, on the veranda, in the dining room, by candlelight or by the lamp, under a blanket or not, with your legs on the seat or on the floor, tea, coffee or wine, eating or not , I read, staring or thinking about opportunities – it is without a liku. This attraction can be grown daily until your own must, time time longer.

Actually, it is difficult to stop tasting in Kaczka, because in cooking and recipes, the search is put there a lot of heart. Polish cuisine, but lighter, from its own garden, can be more or less vegetable, as the guest prefers. Great importance is paid to naturalness, simplicity and warmth.

6. Tasting – hmmm… This attraction in Kaczka passes all other definitions of attractions in other places. Actually, it is difficult to stop tasting in Kaczka, because in cooking and recipes, the search is put there a lot of heart. Polish cuisine, but lighter, from its own garden, can be more or less vegetable, as the guest prefers. High weight and to the things naturalness, simplicity and warmth, to get a very desired effect of purring, similar side effects of filling … in addition to dishes, teas with additives, tinctures, wines, coffees and herbal infusions are served. Delicatessen.

7. A group of intellectual attractions: thinking, reading and writing – they can occur together e.g. thinking in short breaks in reading or writing down thoughts after they are invented – or separately eg. just thinking while walking or sitting. Here we are dealing with a serious "doing", real and effort, but very pleasant, addictive and addictive. No one in Kaczka will get confused by the silence of the thinking, because they are aware of the drama of "the thought that escaped us" or "lost at the end" of the language.

8. Reading, you know – however, I decided to take them out of group 7 because it has a large caliber. The crushed hedonistic stoicism usually books with, but by chance they lost their luggage to the book. This attraction is so obvious and everyday and has already been written about it in many places that adding anything is unnecessary. If someone does not understand the taste of pure pleasure reading in a quiet and warm room – Duck is not for him.





9. Perpetuation of thoughts – already mentioned in 7; an additional attraction is the way whether to write in pencil, pen, notebook, laptop or record; crept into the description of too many modern technologies, which to duck forget to pack, so let's stay at the pencil or pen.

10. Conversations with people (conversations with trees usually happen during a while) – whether we are open to others and skorymi to exchange thoughts to in Duck up on the site listening, ripostes and discussions; usually this attraction is practiced only after exploiting the preceding nine, sometimes in combination with sitting, strolling or tasting, as it disturbs the biting of a wonderful wonderful inner room. Fortunately, in Kaczka, the conversation disturbs calm in a pleasant way.

Additional attractions:
11. Board games – to an attraction requiring several people as an extremely epicurean stoic, advanced and degree – requires interaction. Only for the audacious.
12. Mushrooming – possible, although I do not understand.
13. YOGA – in a beautiful yoga studio with fireplace and a view of the meadows… to the version of stoicism new age, but triggers an additional sensation like feeling drops of sweat in the body or a reverie over biology when he hears the command – move the navel to the spine!
14. In the plans for early 2020 – sauna… Scandinavian stoicism version… it will start new spaces for sitting, thinking even of discussing when someone enters the same.

Hi, if anyone recognizes themselves in these attractions let him not hesitate to pack books, notebook, pencil and kalosha and go to the Wild Duck Settlement in Faszczy, right next to the known Mikolajek, so that i was a Dane as and me."