Please note that the restaurant does not serve guests from outside this season. However, it is possible to order takeaway food. Please call 505 358 257.

There is an intimate restaurant in Wild Duck. You can order coffee, tea or compote with freshly baked cake, have lunch or dinner by choosing from our short, often changed menu.

All dishes served in Wild Ducks are prepared for ourselves in our kitchen, based on the highest quality products.

We also offer a selection of selected wines and great beers from a small, local brewery.

Below are sample dishes from our menu.

To produce our products, we use only the highest quality products:

  • we buy flour in Grodzki Mill, which is one of the oldest operating mills in Poland (culinary heritage certificate)
  • to our pastries we add eggs from happy chickens, free range and well-fed
  • we buy meat in nearby organic farms
  • fruits, vegetables and herbs come from our garden.

Based on these products, we bake breads and cakes ourselves. We make cold cuts and sausages smoked in our own wood-burning smokehouse. We bake our own patties, and we make the crops from our garden for preserves and preserves for the winter. We produce cow and goat cheeses ourselves.